Adamya Chetana

Aarogya chetana

Life of Service...

Subhiksha  Gram: Guided by shri Ananthkumar’s vision of developing villages economically and ecologically in to self-sufficient model villages, Adamya Chetana has adopted Ramatheerth, Sankonatti villages in Athani district of Belagavi in Karnataka and built 165 gobar gas plants and toilets, established a cooperative bank, a milk collection center and carried out extensive tree planting, building few check dams and increasing ground water levels. This initiative resulted in a mass movement that lead to installation of thousands of combi toilet-biogas units in neighbouring districts in Karnataka and Maharashtra transforming the rural landscape. Now, Adamya Chetana is working in Raagihalli village on a number of areas including increasing green cover, education, skill development, generating employment opportunities, building toilets, plastic waste management, etc

Blood bank, This unique portal, launched in 1999 seamlessly connects patients in need of blood with blood donors

Satyagraha: Adamya Chetana’s Green Movement – Adamya Chetana’s chief patron Shri AnanthKumar had given a call in 2015 to incorporate Green Lifestyle in our daily life to make it more sustainable. It is not only essential but imperative that each household, school, college, and office adopts a Green Lifestyle. In this direction, Adamya Chetana runs multiple programmes under the “SASYAGRAHA” movement to promote adoption of green lifestyle. 

Health camps including eye check-up are conducted for children and other citizens. Women are given special attention during these health camps. Arogya Chetana with focus on providing health insurance cover to the school children was inaugurated by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam benefiting thousands of school children, providing them hospitalization cover at practically zero cost
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