Adamya Chetana

Eco Chetana

Adamya Chetana is a charitable organization set up in the memory of Shri AnanthKumar’s mother Smt. Girija Shastry is working since 1997 in the field of education with Anna–Akshara–Arogya (Food–Education–Health) as its core intervention areas. Under the patronage of Shri AnanthKumar, honourable Member of Parliament [Bengaluru South] and central cabinet minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Chemicals & Fertilisers, over two lakh school children are being served hot, tasty and nutritious midday meals everyday through four Community Kitchens (over 43 Crore midday meals served till date).

Green initiatives at Adamya Chetana
ZERO garbage kitchen:

Taking on the social responsibility of reducing the burden of waste in Bengaluru, Adamya Chetana has successfully reduced its kitchen waste from 300 kg per day to ZERO

Fossil fuel free cooking with bio fuels:

Adamya Chetana used to consume 60 LPG cylinders per day at its Bengaluru kitchen. We then switched to using 400 litres of Diesel for a few years. But, now we are proud to have switched completely to using bio-fuels including bio-gas produced from kitchen waste.

Roof top Solar power generation:

Adamya Chetana was one of the early adopters of roof-top Solar power generation. Power generated is being fed to the grid

Plate bank:

Over 10,000 steel plates, tumblers, spoons have been bought to create this unique plate-bank. Any event in the city can borrow these for their use. Reduce-Reuse is the mantra of Adamya Chetana.

Green Bengaluru 1:1

Architect of Neem coated Urea in India and our Chief Patron, Shri AnanthKumar gave a clarion call of Green Bengaluru 1:1. This movement aims to have 1 crore trees in Bengaluru for its 1 crore citizens. Approximately 1 lakh saplings have already been distributed and we have planted and are nurturing more than 50,000 saplings.

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