Green Lifestyle Internship

One-month certification program on “Green lifestyle”

Zero garbage, use of fossil-free fuel in cooking. Reduce-Reuse-Recycle are some of the key concepts that one gets to imbibe from the activities of Adamya Chetana Foundation. However, the issue is not just of zero garbage or growing one’s own vegetables. As Sri Ananth Kumar puts it, this is a matter of “Green lifestyle”. Our entire lifestyle needs to change to imbibe all these critical concepts in a seamless manner. Growing our own vegetables, with organic manure generated in the form of kitchen waste, promotes greening of our homes in a seamless fashion. And this calls for a larger vision that incorporates all these processes and phases. In other words, our lifestyle needs to change to become a “Green Lifestyle”.
The participant is exposed to how this works at the grass roots level, in smaller contexts like home, or a larger set up like commercial kitchens or even larger domains like villages. This experiential learning, backed by rigorous academic training imparted by experts from top institutes like IISc will ensure that this program will be a transformational program for youngsters.
Target audience:
Graduates, across disciplines, who are interested in having a social understanding instead of just the technical learning from the University.
Prerequisites: Interest in broadening their outlook, willingness to learn by dirtying their hands instead of being in an AC classroom. Consists of theory and practice, therefore willingness to travel to SAGY village / sites of interest in and around Bengaluru is expected.

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