Sasyagraha – 100th Green Sunday

100th consecutive Green Sunday celebrated on 26th November 2017 –  indeed a key milestone for Sasyagraha

“When we have the cuttingedge technology to conquer space, what stops us from making simple changes in our lifestyle to safeguard our only habitat – our mother earth! The prowess to land on moon, to orbit Mars by Mangalyaan and beyond and much more – the only crucible and “Adamya Chetana” for blossoming of such human imagination and intellect is our mother Earth with all its flora, fauna, aqua and nature.

Come, let’s take responsibility for soil and water conservation. Let’s adopt a Green Lifestyle and commit to building a clean and green nation.     

– AnanthKumar

Union Cabinet Minister for Parliamentary Affairs, Chemicals & Fertilisers


Every Sunday since January 2016 has been a green Sunday. As part of the mass movement Sasyagaraha started by our Chief Patron Shri AnanthKumar to adopt and spread green lifestyle, the Green Sundays were initially started to increase green cover of Bengaluru. But very quickly, thousands of individuals and hundreds of organisations and institutions came together and the movement spread far beyond Bengaluru to become a Green Bharat 1:1 programme.

IISc research suggests that every person needs at least 7 trees to sustain. (7:1). Bengaluru, 30 years ago had one tree for every person (1:1). Now, there are 7 persons for every tree (1:7). Effect of this reduced green cover is already being felt by all of us – drastic increase in temperature, pollution and its unhealthy effects, reduced water table, etc.

Our Chief Patron Shri Ananthkumar set a target to get back to the ratio of 1:1 in the coming years with a vision of planting and motivating others to plant close to 1 crore trees in and around Bengaluru. This was the beginning of Bengaluru 1:1 programme.

Since then, 99 green Sundays have been an exciting journey for Adamya Chetana, where each week, our volunteers locate an area, arrange for tree planting and nurturing them.

Our green journey, of course started many years ago – with converting our kitchen at Adamya Chetana, serving food for tens of thousands to a “Green Kitchen”, which is a ZERO garbage kitchen and does not use any fossil fuels.

So, 100th Green Sunday is indeed a moment to cherish for all of us, time to reflect & draw inspiration from thousands of Green warriors to march on.

On the 100th Green Sunday, Adamya Chetana planned to plant trees at 100 locations across Bengaluru. But there was so much enthusiasm from large number of groups and companies across Bengaluru and other cities, the movement spread to many more locations. 100th Green Sunday was celebrated at 155 locations simultaneously by planting thousands of saplings. It was also celebrated at many cities across India and even outside India! Green movement going pan-India and global!

It is also very heartening to note that many highly reputed organisations and institutes including Narayana Hrudayalaya, IISc, PES institutions, Dayanand Sagar group of institutions, NIMHANS, NDRI, KIDWAI, ISRO, etc. participated enthusiastically setting an example to everyone. We salute these green warriors.

We also thank citizens of Bengaluru & beyond who came out in thousands to plant trees and strengthen this initiative.

When I land in Bengaluru these days, I hardly see any greenery. My dream is that when I look down from air, Bengaluru should look green! The Green Bengaluru 1:1 initiative taken up by Shri AnanthKumar and Adamya Chetana in planting trees every Sunday is gathering momentum and is highly appreciable. I talked to my Hospital teams about planting trees in open spaces. The reaction was very enthusiastic. We are taking this initiative up to convert our hospital campus to a green campus.

Dr. Devi Shetty, Narayana Hrudalaya


Adamya Chetana is taking a lead in bringing back its lost greenery in Bengaluru. We need 7 trees per person, but today we have just 1 tree for 7 people! I laud this Green Bharat 1:1 initiative and the entire PES university is standing with this initiative by planting trees. Our staff and students participate regularly on Green Sundays.

Prof. MR Doreswamy, MLC and Founder Chairman of PES Institutions


Sasygraha – not just a tree planting. But motivating people to plant and own and nurture them is key to Sasyagraha. And Adamya Chetana is able to enthuse 1000s of individuals and large institutes like ours and this is highly appreciable

Dr. Lingegowda, Kidwai Institute of Oncology

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