Sri Ananth Kumar, Union Minister for Chemicals & Fertilizers and Parliamentary Affairs, Government of India, today launched the “Tree Tracking Card”. Adamya Chetana, the Voluntary Organization serving meals to over 2 lakh children everyday uses this technology to track the food delivery vans. The innovative usage of this technology can be seen in the Green Bharat 1:1 initiative, that has been launched under the leadership of Sri AnanthKumar. The aim is to bring back ratio of humans to trees to atleast1:1, while the current ratio is 7 humans for 1 tree (ideal should be 7 trees for 1 human).

To leverage technology, to ensure that there is tracking of trees for providing information to anyone interested, Adamya Chetana Foundation has launched this Tree Tracking Card

Dr. Tejaswini AnanthKumar, Chairperson of Adamya Chetana Foundation spoke on this initiative:

On the 21st of May, symbolic tree tracking card was released by Ananth Kumar

  1. Key feature of our activities -eco friendly activity / GreenLifeStyle -Eg. Zero Garbage Kitchen, Plate Bank to avoid plastics, Green Bengaluru 1:1, wall paper /energy saver, eco chetana etc
  2. Every Sunday for the last 72 weeks Tree planting have been done. All through the week, nurturing via watering, tree guarding etc is being done
  3. Replication of this in Hubballi also, called as Green Hubballi 1:1
  4. Green Bengaluru 1:1 is now scaled upto Bharath 1:1
  5. Some details of this App:
  • Map the latitude /longitude of tree planted, giving it a unique geo tagging
  • Give information about type of tree planted ( Honge, Matti, Neem etc)
  • Date as to when tree is planted, along with the owner details
  • Mobile App with a scan card – first of its kind
  • This can be downloaded from PlayStore
  1. The scan card was released in the presence of many dignitaries – Dr. Tejaswini AnanthKumar, Chairperson of Adamya Chetana Foundation, Sri Ravi Subramanya MLA of Basavanagudi, corporators Nandini Vijayavithala, KatteSatya, Savitha Mayanna, Shyamala, Vani Rao, Ramesh, Dr. Bharateesh etc
  2. Shri AnanthKumar spoke of the following:
    1. Green Bengaluru 1:1 has been transformed into Green Karnataka 1:1 and now Green Bharath 1:1
    2. He congratulated the technology drivers of this initiative – Sudhanshu Killedar, Shiva Kumar and PoornaPrajna
    3. He called this an identity cards for the trees- for the first time, first of its kind
    4. There is an urgent need to implement this in Urban areas. First in – Bengaluru, followed by other urban areas of Karnataka & finally all over India, as the land mafia driven concrete jungle development leads to destruction of natural jungle / trees. Eg. 800 big trees to be removed to make a steel bridge by GOK in Bengaluru
    5. He dedicated this Green card to Mother Nature
    6. He stressed the concept of “tree parenting” to remind /incentivize people to nurture trees in their areas.
    7. British Gazeteer 1801 records that summer temperature in Bengaluru was 16-18 degrees while winter temperature used to dip to minus 7. More than 700 apple orchards were in our city then! Unfortunately, it is now close to 40 degrees in summer. So, it is our responsibility to bring back good weather.
    8. Paris convention – Roll back global warming by 2 degrees- key is think globally and act locally. This is a step in this direction.
    9. He has strongly requested Government of India, Government of Karnataka, BBMP and other Urban bodies to adopt this technology and save trees
    10. He named this Sasyagrahaunder the leadership of Adamya Chetanafollowing Satyagraha of Bapu ji and swachagraha of our PM Shri Narendra Modi ji.

Visit website: to get the presentation ( Prof. Poornaprazna did the presentation giving detailed information on the same.

Please contact Shri Poornaprazna – 98866 06153 for more information.

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