Plastic Waste Management

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Plastic menace is more serious in rural areas. What is observed is there are number of rag pickers in cities and towns who regularly pick plastic waste from garbage dumps and streets. However, this is not the case in villages and hamlets. All the plastic waste that is thrown out by people lies in the public areas, fields and water tanks and wells. Contamination of water, soil and air due to plastic waste is posing a serious threat to not only the rural population but to the entire country as the farm produce is contaminated due to poisonous plastic remnants.

Adamya Chetana has taken upon itself to find a working solution to address this grave issue. We have installed large bins to collect waste plastic in Ragihalli gram Panchayat. These bins are emptied and carried to city for recycling on regular basis.

All the 16 villages under Ragihalli Gram Panchayat are covered under this project. Villagers are actively utilising this facility and are happy to see reduced contamination of their water, fields and air.



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