Bio Gas

Adamya Chetana has been at the forefront of Green Initiative, primary contribution being of showcasing to the world concept of a “Green Kitchen”. In brief, this refers to two key processes that are Green:

1. Fossil fuel free inputs (at the input level for using fuel to cook)

2. Zero Garbage (as output from the cooking process)
All the organic waste (vegetable peels, left over food etc) are used as input for the Bio Gas at the kitchen. The 500 Kg capacity Bio Gas converter can fire up many cylinders of gas, which can be used for other smaller cooking purposes, thereby further making the Kitchen, a Green Kitchen.

In sum – A massive kitchen that serves food to lakhs of children can be a Green Kitchen by using these pro nature initiatives like Bio Gas converter. This is hoped to inspire all big, small and domestic kitchens to “Go Green” as well.

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