Green Bengaluru 1:1

Bringing back the purity, greenery and ambience of erstwhile Bengaluru

Green Bengaluru 1:1 is a citizen initiative formed Under the leadership of our chief patron Shri AnanthKumar, Hon’ble MP, Bengaluru South and Union Minister for Parliamentary affairs and Chemicals & Fertilisers to increase the green cover in the city of Bengaluru.

Green Bengaluru 1:1 is an ambitious initiative, that intends to bring back the Tree-to-Person ratio to at least one in Bengaluru.


(IISc research tells us that we need 7 trees per person, while the current status of Bengaluru is the reverse, only 1 tree per 7 persons).

Adamya Chetana has been at the forefront of this eco-movement that strives for “Namma Bengaluru” becoming a more livable city. The key challenge that we face today is the alarming level of depletion of nature/greenery. As the city and the country has been experiencing during recent summers, the temperatures soared beyond bearable limits, due to the destruction that we have brought upon the ecology over the years.

Starting in June 2015, Adamya Chetana has spearheaded the campaign in Bengaluru as well as in Ragihalli near Bannerghatta to plant thousands of trees. At the last count as on 5th June 2016, close to 75,000 (seventy five thousand) saplings were planted and nurtured by us.

During the year 2016, every Sunday has been a GREEN SUNDAY for Adamya Chetana where hundreds of volunteers of all ages from school children to college students to profesionals, housewives and retirees are planting and nurturing these tress.



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Green Facts :


Ratio in Bengaluru: 

30 years ago, the ratio was 1 : 1 ( IISC Research data )
Currently 14 Lakh trees for 1 Crore population – which is only 1 : 7  … Alarming !

Instead of 7 trees per person, Bengaluru has just ONE tree per 7 persons

In order to mitigate the current situation, GREEN BENGALURU 1 : 1 has taken a solemn pledge to increase the green coverage in Bengaluru by planting maximum number of trees.

Come, join hands with us. Please contact us at 080-2662 0404.


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