Raktadan – Blood Donation

Raktadan – a virtual blood donation portal: This web site is the application of technology to furthering life. It helps build ties across the globe through a precious gift – the gift of life.




This site brings those in need of blood and those who can gift it together at one stop. It reaches across to all humanity with no artificial barriers.

How does it all work? …

Donor – As a donor you can register your details. This information will be stored with utmost confidentiality. Only if you wish, you will be listed under Our Donor List.

Whenever there is a matching request made for blood it will be communicated to you. The request matching is done based on the Blood Group and Location of the requester and donor.


Please visit our Website : http://www.raktadan.org/.  It is FREE…

Donate Blood ….   Save Lives … 


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