Shikshaka Chetana

With the rapidly changing global, as well as local, economy the expectations of students, parents and society at large from the education system has been changing. The educator community today faces the same type of challenges that the business community faced a few years back. Ensuring quality education that meets the needs of the ‘customers’, responding to change, keeping pace with technology, and so on, are challenges that we need to face as educators.

Professional development and life-long learning are no longer fancy terms. They are necessary if teachers and educators are not to become obsolete. There is a need for a structure that will facilitate these processes for teachers as a professional group.

In this context, a resource center for teachers has been set up by Adamya Chetana. It was inaugurated on the 12th of January 2006. The resource center caters to teachers from all categories of schools, with emphasis on Kannada medium schools.

This is a space for teachers to learn, share, create, explore and grow. Workshops are being held regularly in formal as well informal methods of teaching. Lectures on topics of interest are conducted. Films have been specially screened for teachers.

The vision is to build a space for the professional growth and development of teachers, a space that fosters learning and builds a spirit of camaraderie in the community.

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