Come, let’s join the Sasyagraha movement!

Speaking at the 71st Green Sunday of the Green Bengaluru 1:1 program in May, 2017, our Chief Patron, Shri Anantkumar gave the clarion call to mobilise Sasyagraha.

“Green Bengaluru 1:1 is a pilot for Sasyagraha. Not only Adamya Chetana, but every school / child should do sasyagraha. We should form sasya chetana teams at every school and drive this movement”, he said. Sasyagraha is a movement that embraces and spreads Green Lifestyle across all its facets.


It was 100 years back in Champaran, that Mahatma Gandhi gave the call to Satyagraha, the mass movement that shook the very foundations of the most powerful empire in the world. Satyagraha means insistence on Truth and demand for justice. And this peaceful movement lead to India’s independence. Now, Adamya Chetana has given a call for Sasyagraha – a mass movement to encourage people to adopt a Green Lifestyle.

Concern for our environment and rising pollution levels are one of the top concerns for the society today. Rising temperatures, depleting water tables, drying up of lakes and rivers are all indications of need for urgent action. It is heartening to note that people from all walks of life are increasingly contributing their time and effort in planting more trees and pressing for action in rejuvenating water bodies. More trees and green cover means more oxygen, richer bio-diversity. And this leads to better life for people, animals alike.


But Sasyagraha’s call for a Green Lifestyle covers not just trees but all aspects of our life – Roti, Kapada and Makaan (there was a movie in the 70’s with the same name!).

Roti  – food and water we consume have to be sustainable. We should conserve and rejuvenate our water bodies.

Kapada – clothes, all day to day consumables that we use. We should switch to natural alternatives including cotton, linen, natural cosmetics, etc.

Makaan –building houses with “green” natural materials, using minimum energy and water, producing zero or near zero garbage, increasing green cover and decreasing pollution, etc.


Adamya Chetana has been actively championing adopting and spreading Green Lifestyle through a series of its initiatives.

Green Bengaluru 1:1 and Green Sunday:   Back in December 2015, our Chief Patron and Union cabinet Minsietr Shri Ananthkumar exhorted all of us to take up the mission of Green Bengaluru 1:1. This envisages planting up to 1 crore trees in Bengaluru to bring the plant to human ration back to 1:1 from its current 1:7. Every Sunday since then has been a Green Sunday for Adamya Chetana planting and nurturing saplings.

ZERO garbage Kitchens: Adamya chetana kitchen in Bengaluru which cooks for tens of thousands every day is a ZERO garbage kitchen. It does not produce even a single kg of refuse, following reduce-reuse-recycle mantra.

Fossil fuel free kitchen: Adamya Chetana kitchen is also completely fossil-fuel free. It uses sustainable bio fuels.

Renewable energy sources including bio-gas, solar energy from roof top grid-on solar panels.

Plate bank: A collection of tens of thousands of reusable plates, glasses, tublers, etc. to avoid usage of disposable plates and cutlery during events. Any organisation or individuals organising any event can borrow from this plate-bank free of charge.

Lakes and water bodies rejuvenation: Adamya chetana is actively engaged in activities to promote rejuvenation of water bodies.

Energy saver competition: An initiative to educate and encourage young school children to understand and appreciate energy saving habit. About 50 thousand children participated in this competition with enthusiasm in reducing their home electricity bill

Eco-Chetana: is a platform to spread awareness and adoption of Green Lifestyle. Designed as an event and exhibition, it comprises of sale, exhibition and expert demonstrations of activities like composting, terrace gardens, green building materials, etc.

Nature Science internships: Organised along with IISc, Bengaluru, this internship involves school children in carrying out research and field work on trees and water bodies under expert guidance.


Adamya Chetana not only wants to carry on with these initiatives but is very keen to spread the message along with practical tools and tips for everyone to adopt this green lifestyle in their day to day life. That is Sasyagraha.

Come, join us in this Sasyagraha movement.
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