Subhiksha Gramabhivruddhi Yojana

Adamya Chetana believes that developing our villages requires a multi-pronged approach i.e. adhoc and random projects seldom lead to sustainable development. Considering that villages are the backbone of our country and majority of our population lives in villages, we at Adamya Chetana see this as a significant dimension of our development programmes.

We implement the rural development programme through our Village Adoption approach.

Ramtirth and Sankonatti villages in Belagavi district and Ragihalli village panchayat in Bengaluru Rural district were taken up under this programme for comprehensive development and making the villages self-reliant.


Ramtirth village:

A snapshot of Ramtirth village in 2010 soon after the floods

  • The water table had gone low, bore wells dry
  • The stream which flows through the village had not a single drop of water in it and was dry. This was perennial, hardly 20 years ago
  • Villagers depending upon local firewood to cook their daily food
  • Hills & valleys around were bald, the village lake was dry
  • Farmers buying top soil, in tractors, to replenish the high annual erosion. Thanks to the trees being cut and the vanished tree cover
  • No toilet in households and the open field was used to defecate
  • Cattle dung, strewn all over the place creating a methane pollution
  • Milk was sold to middlemen at a mere Rs. 16 a litre

And now …

  • All houses have their own toilet & also a gober gas plant (integrated)
  • Around 2000 check dams built to retain soil & silt
  • Around 4000 fruit-bearing saplings planted to prevent soil erosion
  • Every house has cattle; Dung used to charge Gobergas plant
  • No need to cut trees for firewood
  • Water table considerably increased
  • Organic manure (from gober gas plant) used in fields reducing dependance on Chemical fertilisers
  • Milk sold directly to diaries at Rs. 34 a litre
  • Average increase annual income of each household is around Rs 24K
  • Cooperative credit society formed in the village
  • And many more …
  • Seeing this success, adjoining villages have initiated similar activities with our help

Every villager is turned into an environmentalist.  

The project is taken up with active participation and funding from numerous philanthropists, associations and the government.


Development of Ragihalli Gram Panchayat. Ragihalli is a cluster of 16 surrounding villages with Ragihalli and Shivanahalli being the bigger villages. This village cluster has been adopted by Shri AnanthKumar under Saansad Adarsh Gram Yojana [SAGY]. Many innovative projects have been planned and implemented to realise the Adarsha Gram dream of our Prime Minister Sri Narendra Modi.


Development of Ragihalli village cluster has been conceptualised based on the philosophy of conserve & preserve. Indian Institute of Science is the planning agency and Adamya Chetana is the executing agency for the same.

A holistic approach was adopted for development of the villages comprising a number of projects

  • Watershed Management
  • Swachh Bharat (Waste management, Toilet for each house)
  • Skill Development
  • Gow Chetana – Dairy farming (click here for more details)
  • Education
  • Tree Planting

To  illustrate the scale of the projects, here are some statistics –

  • More than 2,600 Neem and Tamarind saplings were planted
  • More than 1,000 fruit, medicinal and vegetable yielding plants are distributed to the villagers
  • Facilities for watering and protection of plants are taken care of
  • To sensitise the villagers to waste segregation, bins are provided in all the 16 villages under the Ragihalli gram panchayat for collection of plastic waste


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