Shri Ananthkumar calls for Sasyagraha and launches GreenHubballi 1:1 & Platebank in Hubballi

14thMay, 2017

Shri Ananthkumar calls for Sasyagraha in adopting a Green Lifestyle in Hubballi; Launches GreenHubballi 1:1 & Platebank programs

“On the centenary of Champaran Satyagraha, I am reminded of Mahatma Gandhi’s call for Satyagraha that lead to our independence. Morerecently, our beloved PM Shri Narendra Modi’s call for Swachha graha has taken the entire nation by storm leading to Swachha Bharat Abhiyan. I am calling for Sasyagraha, a movement towards a Green Lifestyle to make our lifestyle more sustainable”, Shri Ananthkumar, Hon’ble Union Cabinet Minister for Parliamentary Affairs and Chemicals & Fertilizers said today at the launch of GreenHubballi 1:1 and Plate bank projects in Hubballi.

These innovative programs were launched by Adamya Chetana Foundation, Bengaluru in conjunction with Guruprabha, Hubballi.

Shri Ananthkumar, as the Chief Patron of Adamya Chetana is the visionary behind it’s Green Lifestyle initiatives including GreenBengaluru 1:1, ZEROgarbagekitchen, fossil-freefuelcooking, eco-Chetana, plastic wastemanagement, Lakes/water bodies rejuvenation, village development programs, Gow-Chetana, etc.

Adamya Chetana, which is well known for its exemplary service under mid-daymeal scheme (serving over 2 lakhs student severyday) and multiple GreenLifestyle adoption programs now brings these unique programs to Hubballi.

“Adopting a GreenLifestyle and themes sage of Sasyagraha have never been more relevant than today. We are taking these initiatives beyond Bengaluru to realize the call given by Shri Ananthkumar ji to make green programs like eco-Chetana echo across the nation” said Dr. Tejaswini Ananthkumar, Chairperson of Adamya Chetana.

GreenHubballi 1:1

An individual needs 7 trees to sustain, while in many cities including Bengaluru, there are 7 individuals for everytree! There is a need to atleast bring this ratio back to 1:1 according to Shri Ananthkumar. Hence the program Hubballi 1:1 with a vision to plant trees and increase greencover to bring the ratio of plants and people
back to 1:1.

GreenHubballi 1:1 program started at 7:30 AM with planting of 25 saplings. A march was organized as part of green walk to promote awareness about greencover.

Shri Ananthkumar and Dr Tejaswini Ananthkumar spoke about the program in Bengaluru where past 71 weeks have seen every Sunday being observed as a GreenSunday and
trees planted and nurtured. Adamya Chetana has already planted more than 1 lakh trees and plant to continue this drive.
Sri Ananthkumar urged the mayor to take the lead in passing are solution in Hubballi to plant trees every week to make it greener. He urged all the citizens’ organizations and the elected representatives to focus on water conservation and Energy Management.

Mayor Shri Chavan felicitated Shri Ananthkumar and thanked him for not only heeding his request to bring these innovative programs around Green Lifestyle to Hubballi, but also for being personally present at their launch.

Mayor Chavan, Deputy Mayor Lakshmi Bijwad, Veeranna Savadi, corporator and Ex Mayor, Maa Nagaraj, BJPleader, VC of KLE Prof. Ashok Shettar and hundreds of volunteers
joined this event.

“We should move away from indiscriminate use of plastic and use-and-throw culture. We should use reusable and recyclable products and adopt GreenLifestyle” said Shri Ananthkumar recalling this unique experiment in Bengaluru. He urged all the citizens of Hubballi to join hands with him to ensure that plastic usage is minimized. His
focus was on Roti – Kapada-Makaan- (eco-friendlyfood / organicfood, cotton / khadiclothes /energy efficient houses).

“Instead of using thousands of disposable plastic plates and cutlery in events and leaving a mound of garbage, we should use steel plates, glasses. We created a Platebank of 10,000 sets of plates, tumblers, etc. and are lending them to any one organizing an event without any charge. This has proven to be a hit in Bengaluru.  Now we are happy to roll that program out to Hubballi” said Dr. Tejaswini Ananthkumar.

Launch of the Platebank started at 10:30 AM and Former Chief Minister Shri Jagadish Shettar, MLC Pradeep Shettar,Shri Laxman Oak, Shri Nandakumar, Shri Pradeep Oak and other dignitaries were present.

Sri Jagadish Shettar spoke about how government alone couldnot bring about the change and it was important for all to be this change.

Hubballi Platebank has been started with 2,000 sets of plates, bowls, glasses, spoons, etc. and can be made use of by anyone who is organizing an event and is keen to
make the event more green.

Shri Prabhakar Oak memorial lectures At 11:30

Shri Prabhakar Oak memorial lecture was organized under the auspices of other Adamya Chetana with GuruPrabha. Experts from JNU and Indian Institute of Science gave passionate talk on the need to preserve nature and make Hubballi a greener city. Dr Soumya Prasad of JNU spoke about the impact of mixing plastic with food and how mismanagement of plastic waste leads to death and suffering of thousands of animals.

Shri Harish Bhat of Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bengaluru spoke about the richbio–diversityof Hubballii. Not only did he stress on the critical importance of protecting the disappearing bio-diversity, he shared many interesting insights such as one of the oldest photographs available of Cheetah in this region being from Hubballi area!

Shri Anand Naragund from Hubballi shared his experiences with Rain water harvesting and urged increased adoption.

Dr Tejaswini Ananthkumar proposed the vote of thanks. She thanked everyone in Hubballi for their enthusiastic support and said she was confident that the GreenHubballi 1:1 and Platebank will be tremendous successes. She also reiterated that all the kitchens of Adamya Chetana would be like Bangalore’s green kitchen soon. And the other
initiatives would be replicated across all locations having Adamya Chetana kitchens.
Both the morning and the afternoon meetings were very well attended and people appreciated the informative posters around Sasyagraha and Green Lifestyle that
reiterated the points raised by Shri Ananthkumar.
1. Use LED instead of tubelights
2. Use solar water heaters
3. Implement Grid on roof top solar power
4. Use maximum natural sunlight & air, use less granite(energy efficient buildings)
5. Plant & nurture at least 1 tree every year on our own & our family members’ birthdays
6. Zero Garbage Kitchen:
a. Segregate waste in to wet and dry waste very sincerely
b. Implement & use Biogas for making use of wet waste instead of wasting it
7. Reduce usage of plastics as much as possible (use of steelplate, containers instead of “use & throw”plastic plates, glassesetc.
8. Grow kitchen garden, so that not only we make use of waste into manure etc., but also grow our own vegetables and improve greencover
9. Use clay based Pooja materials (Ganesh idol) instead of Plastic of Paris based idols. Make sure that the lakes are not polluted during the immersion program
10. Influence people in your circle to implement the same in their lives too
11. Clothing we wear – more cottons and natural fibres rather than polyester
12. Reduce paper usage
13. Animal sensitivity – Never put food into plastic bags for disposing (cow health)
14. Adopt Rainwater harvesting,
15. Avoid bottled / mineralwater
16. Say NO to Polythene Carry Bags; Say YES to Cloth Bags
17. Say NO to Straws, Drink Juice without
18. Use Vermi-compost/Bio-digester per house to manage bio waste
19. Use recycled water for washing vehicles and water into plants
20. Walk, cycle, take public transport or carpool. Avoid driving a car if you are just one or two people.
21. Reuse clothes and shoes to the maximum, donate them to the needy.
22. Have a house that fits your needs, not your ego. A small house leaves space for other humans and species
23. Buy locally grown vegetables and fruit. Exotic fruit have travelled miles and have a huge carbon footprint
24. Cosmetics /perfumes etc.(with chemicals) to be avoided
25. Think before you throw (reuse, recycle)

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